Our Story

The story of Ayofa Essentials Limited is a unique one as its beginnings were quite unusual. Dr Vida Obese started a small business of selling Weanimix a fortified weaning cereal enjoyed by the whole family four years ago in 2014.everyone wondered why a doctor will be interested in learning and building up of a business,WHY NOT? Every area of business is critical in medicine from operations,accounting, strategy,management , finance and branding and that’s where she nurtured her business ideas from.

She had established an NGO whilst in medical school which had helped give potable water sources to over 11,000 people in deprived communities and trained several womens’ groups in these communities on literacy programmes, sanitation and managing a home.

She was making significant strides both as a doctor (becoming a specialist physician and starting a fellowship in neurology), finishing a master of public health degree, when she had a chance encounter with some women from the Upper West Region who were attending a sanitation and empowerment training course, Vida was organizing for a community in Amansie West District,Ashanti Region.
The friendship Dr Obese formed with these women lead her to direct her attention to the Shea Butter business. She took a critical look and assessment of the situation these women found themselves in and decided to help.

She started managing one Shea womens’ group and in six months had gained the trust and management of 8 more groups due to her different managerial outlook, and the value added component she stressed on; Ayofa Essentials Ltd was officially incorporated in early 2018 after 2 and half years of working on field.

Dr Vida Obese underwent personal training in natural handcrafted soap-making, cosmetics training, and has had training in every product launched by the company. Though she is very busy when it comes to her work professionally, she is always willing to lend a hand in production, product brainstorming, recipe generation, packaging, branding and marketing of Ayofa Essentials products.

The product lines of this company is diverse and serves as a one stop shop to most of your beauty, health and wellness needs.
Ayofa essentials supports about 16 Women shea groups in Upper West Region. We ensure our women are not exploited and are paid premium rates by shea buyers. 15 % OF PROFITS has been allocated towards education funds of our women and retirement funds for the elderly amongst them.