Bath and Bodyworks

Ayofa Essentials Ltd creates organic skincare products inspired by nature. Everything our skin needs is found in nature. We are dedicated to leaving your skin moisturizing and glowing. Our SOAPS are your best bet to a start of your organic skincare routine. We create natural luxury soaps as well as authentic African Black soap varieties, guaranteed to indulge your skin. They are handcrafted with love, passion and originality.

Our BODY BUTTER COLLECTION is intensely moisturizing and perfect for normal to all skin types. Made with tried and tested naturally derived ingredients, it has a luscious feel, absorbs easily with the least amount. It’s best used right after stepping out of the shower. We love to pamper our customers by delivering an all-day moisturizing butter for a soft, supple skin.

Our HAIR BUTTERS leave you with long, healthy and soft hair. Our special hair growth oil is renowned for fast healthy growth coupled with strong hair strands.